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New Here? Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves at Notiq Agency

While Notiq Agency has been around for a decade, we realize not all of our followers or clients have. So, let’s get acquainted! Plus, we have some exciting news to share…

Hi there, I’m Nia Hines, and I’m the founder of Notiq Agency! Whether we’ve met many times and you’ve even been on one of our Wanderlust by Notiq getaways or you’re new around here, I created Notiq Agency with the intent to change lives through meaningful travel experiences. 

What is Notiq Agency? We are a team of professional group travel and destination event planning experts. Eight out of 10 people give up on planning a group travel experience on their own due to the amount of time and level of coordination required, which is why we do all the work for you and attend to every detail so you can enjoy your travel experience from beginning to end. From destination weddings to international travel for teams and individual groups, we do it all!

Interested in having Notiq Agency help plan your wedding? Check out this post for more on how we can make it a seamless experience. Since many countries have reopened their borders to travelers, we have seen a huge boom in destination weddings!

Notiq Agency also offers an authentic, effective way to help business owners generate more revenue and increase brand awareness with our Experiences by Notiq™ services. I have a huge desire to help more business owners grow their business revenue through international travel experiences, so we are putting even more emphasis and focus on it in 2022 to help business owners, influencers, and organizations plan, curate, and sell travel experiences that will increase revenue and brand awareness. With our Experiences by Notiq™ branch of the business, we are dedicating our resources to business owners to help them grow their businesses in 2022 and beyond!

Speaking of travel experiences… Another key reason travelers look to us is for our signature Wanderlust by Notiq™ getaways. Get a closer look at what these pre-planned small group travel getaways look like by catching up on my 2021 travel diaries documenting our trips to Dubai, Costa Rica, and Panama. These excursions are prime opportunities to experience a luxury, private international travel experience with your close family and friends. The next one in the books? Our first-ever Mystery Trip to celebrate 10 years in business! 

Stay updated on new, exciting things going on at Notiq Agency by subscribing to Notiq Newsbites, our official newsletter. Sign up at the bottom of our homepage at, or you can reach out to us directly at—we welcome all questions and conversation on how you can make your 2022 and beyond that much better by booking a group getaway with us! 

Happy Travels,