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Our Story

For over a decade, Notiq Agency has provided unsurpassed personalized service to a discerning clientele all over the globe, specializing in group travel experiences. Notiq Agency is continuously focused on growing our knowledge and expertise in both the travel and destination event planning management industries. 

Nia Hines, our chief experience officer, has nurtured her passion for travel, planning, organization, and a deep love of helping people throughout her life. A lifelong travel enthusiast, Nia provides expert culturally competent advice that only a seasoned and intrepid global traveler can. Some of her favorite destinations include Cape Town, Hawaii, Masai Mara, and Nice. Whether at a game lodge while on safari or cruising the deep blue waters of the Med, Nia knows that attention to detail and a spirit of graciousness are the two attributes that elevate any travel experience from good to great. Notiq Agency was borne of Nia’s desire to merge her passion for travel with her acumen for precision and attention to detail. She sprinkles every interaction with a healthy dose of hospitality and her team strives to give each one of their valued clients an unforgettable travel experience. That’s the Notiq way. 

Notiq Agency delivers a broad array of travel and destination event planning services. Whether you’re a group leader looking for someone to do it all for you or a traveler ready for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure on one of our pre-planned experiences, Notiq Agency can help turn your travel dreams into a reality! We are driven by a passion to provide unparalleled service; our expertise and attention to detail give our clients the travel experiences their dreams are made of.