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Breaking Down the Perks of Private Travel

Did you know Notiq Agency now offers private charter for flights? In addition, we only offer private airport transfers and private tours as well—talk about the VIP experience. Here are a few reasons why private travel is the ultimate perk for group getaways.

Aside from being the go-to option for introverts who love to travel, as well as a safer option amid COVID-19, private travel offers a slew of benefits for the jet set—which is why Notiq Agency recently updated its offerings to offer private charter flights, only private airport transfers (see ya, shared rides) and private tours for its luxe group getaways. 

To give you a better idea of what to expect with Notiq’s enhanced travel experience, here’s a breakdown of the perks of private travel. 

Benefits of Private Charter

  1. Get to your destination quicker.
    While we’re here for the newly popular “airport fashion,” a private charter has its clear perks, including skipping long lines at the bag drop and TSA security checkpoints—plus you can still wear your stylish yet travel-friendly ensemble. While others are anticipating 2 hours of wait-time in the airport, you could already be halfway to your destination with a private charter.

  2. More convenient and flexible.
    Additionally, without having to account for time at the airport into your travel schedule, the trip immediately becomes more convenient and flexible. Say goodbye to getting to the airport 3-4 hours before a flight. With a private charter, not only do you get to have more say in when the flight leaves, but you can also arrive 30 minutes before the plane takes off. 
  1. Every seat is a first-class seat.
    A given for riding privately and in style is that you get the true VIP experience. There’s not a bad seat in the house, as they’d say in the theater. Pick any one of them and you’re guaranteed more comfort and space than you’d have sitting in the main cabin of a jam-packed plane. 

Benefits of Private Airport Transfers

  1. More reliable than taxis or rideshare apps.
    With a private airport transfer, rides are never cancelled (we’re talking to you, Uber and Lyft), and always arrive at the pickup and destination on time. At Notiq Agency, while we’ve always offered our clients airport transfers in lieu of them having to use rideshare apps, we’ve traded in shared trips to offer our travelers only private airport transfers. 
  1. Cleaner, more sanitary option.
    Because you’re working with a professional private transportation company, the amenities are guaranteed to be top-tier, which includes a clean, sanitary seat and space for your ride to the airport. Especially when traveling amid the pandemic, this is becoming more coveted and sought after. 

Benefits of Private Tours

  1. Spend quality time with your family and friends—not strangers.
    While some travelers embark on excursions to meet new people along the way, it’s certainly not for everyone. When it comes to group tours, even if you’re traveling with a few friends or family, you’ll be lumped in with other people on their own getaways, running the risk of those same people ruining said tour. Instead, a private tour allows only enough room for your friends and family, allowing you quality time with each other.

  2. Get a more curated, exclusive experience.
    Unlike public group tours during which guides have a strict map or schedule to adhere to, private tours allow for more flexibility and exclusivity in where and what you see, ultimately providing a more tailored experience for everyone involved. Private tour guides have the ability to offer intimate experiences not always available to the public.

  3. Plan the tour around your itinerary.
    When booking a public tour, you run the risk of being late and missing it entirely, or having to accommodate strange hours. Opting for a private tour guide allows travelers the flexibility and convenience of being able to schedule the tour for when it fits best into their itinerary, instead of having to schedule their itinerary around the tour. 

Want to experience all of these benefits and more? Book a group getaway with Notiq Agency now!