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5 Trends That Will Dominate Travel Plans in 2021

Here’s what you need to know before booking your plane ticket this year. 

Following the incredibly long year that was 2020, it’s no secret that people in the U.S. and beyond are itching to travel, to explore new destinations—really to see anything except the inside of their home. 

But, whether planning a domestic destination or an international escape, the act of travel and all that’s involved in it isn’t what it was pre-pandemic. In addition to new safety protocols put in place to protect travelers’ health, the industry has seen a shift in top priorities for travelers. To ensure you’re in-the-know and prepared for your next getaway, we’re taking a deep dive into the five leading trends that will dominate travel plans in 2021, according to travel experts. 

1) A professional travel advisor is no longer a luxury—it’s essential. 

A recent article by Travel Market Report states that “many in the industry have predicted that travel advisors will be top of mind when travel returns.” Additionally, travel technology company Amadeus reports that 2021 “will see travel agents become the fountains of all knowledge for topics including travel inspiration, the best deals, the latest health and safety standards and the latest news on health policies all over the world, along with help rebooking after a disruption.”

So what does this mean exactly? In a nutshell, travel advisors will be as essential as passports in 2021 and beyond. With travel restrictions and safety and health protocols changing every day as the global health climate constantly shifts, it’s simply too much to keep up with on your own; a professional, well-versed travel advisor is like the Siri or Alexa you’ll need at all times—but better. 

Read more about why a personal travel advisor is vital in 2021 here.

2) Bucket-list destinations are moving to the front of the line.

While everyone has some sort of a bucket list, it seems we spend more time adding to it than actually crossing locations off. But that’s not the case this year as the majority of travelers have experienced that “life is too short” epiphany and in turn are prioritizing their travel plans—and we’re not just talking weekend trips. 

In a survey conducted by Amadeus and reported by Travel Market Report, studies found that “55% of travelers would travel for 14 days or more, and 60% expected to take only a few trips a year.” Translation: When people travel, they’re likely going all out. Especially as working remotely becomes more of a corporate trend, travelers will have the flexibility to take longer trips and mark destinations off their bucket list one by one. 

3) People will seek health-centric travel experiences that both inspire and recharge. 

For many, the pandemic brought to surface the importance of a healthy lifestyle and a strong immune system. Moving into 2021, people will bring that new mentality into every aspect of their life, including travel, and we’ll see the rise of the “wellness getaway.” That is, travelers will seek out destinations and resorts with on-site wellness centers that offer meaningful programs and are staffed by professionals who guide experiences that enhance their health and wellbeing in a significant way.

4) Travelers will prioritize natural wonders over city attractions as the desire grows for outdoor excursions. 

Nature and wildlife will prevail over big-city experiences as people seek out domestic and international spots known for their outdoor and off-the-beaten-path adventures. From national parks and beach resorts to wildlife reserves and campsites, vacationers will be drawn to safe destinations that offer the ability to sightsee while social distancing. 

5) Destination weddings will be at an all-time high. 

For the newly engaged couples that were forced to push their wedding date to 2021 or later due to the pandemic, a destination wedding is going to trump local nuptials as they look to use the special time in their life as another excuse to escape and refresh. With travel restrictions starting to be lifted in certain countries thanks to the steady dispersal of the COVID-19 vaccine, trending destinations for weddings this year include Riviera Maya, Jamaica, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Antigua, internationally, as well as Las Vegas and New Orleans, domestically. 

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