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6 Reasons Why You Need A Travel Advisor in 2021

Recent studies show that eager travelers are looking to professional travel advisors to help guide them in their adventures. Here’s why. 

With airlines and hotels reporting that hundreds of trips have already been booked for 2021, it’s clear that more and more people are ready to travel and make up for lost time. But there’s one key accessory every traveler will need this year—and it’s not an Away suitcase. 

A recent article by Travel Market Report states that “many in the industry have predicted that travel advisors will be top of mind when travel returns.” Additionally, travel technology company Amadeus reports that 2021 “will see travel agents become the fountains of all knowledge for topics including travel inspiration, the best deals, the latest health and safety standards and the latest news on health policies all over the world, along with help rebooking after a disruption.”

Keep reading for 6 reasons why a personal travel advisor will be a gamechanger now more than ever before. 

1) You’ll avoid unnecessary stress. 

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that self-care is crucial, physically, mentally and emotionally. And when it comes to travel, the planning process is one of the biggest pain points. So why not let someone else bear the burden and do the heavy lifting? By looking to a travel advisor to guide your getaway from start to finish, you’ll avoid all the stress while reaping all the benefits. 

2) You’ll save a lot of time. 

Time is money, so you don’t waste your time researching, comparing and contemplating when you can lean on an expert with first-hand experience. Travel advisors have easy, direct access to the connections and information you need but will spend hours trying to hunt down yourself. 

3) You’ll have an expert at your side—at all times!

With travel restrictions and safety and health protocols changing every day as the global health climate constantly shifts, it’s simply too much to keep up with on your own, even for the most Type A traveler. A professional, well-versed travel advisor is like the Siri or Alexa you’ll need at all times—but better. 

4) You’ll get the kind of personalized experience that Google just can’t give you. 

Unlike an online search engine, travel advisors can ensure all of your personal preferences are taken into consideration when planning your ideal vacation—from the smallest details to the biggest must-haves. Looking for an international resort overlooking the ocean but that also has access to nearby hiking trails for an extra dose of nature? Consider it done when you hire an advisor. 

5) For those that aren’t comfortable traveling right now, advisors can plan way in advance. 

If you’re not ready to dust off your passport this year, there’s no pressure. A personal travel advisor can feed your inspiration and help curate a getaway for 2022, 2023 and beyond. 

6) You’ll get all this and an actual human connection to boot. 

In addition to building a relationship with someone who can help turn your bucket list into a reality, travel advisors offer expert location-specific advice, suggestions and recommendations tailored to you and your travel needs—something you certainly won’t experience using an online search engine. 

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