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4 Steps to Planning Your Dream Destination Wedding

Preparing for international nuptials? Consider this checklist your guide to stress-free planning.    

Especially in today’s climate when outdoor weddings are encouraged to ensure everyone’s safety while celebrating, destination weddings offer a bevy of benefits, including doubling as a built-in vacation for guests and quick access to an envy-worthy honeymoon locale for the couple. But, whether you opt for a mountainside ceremony or a tropical escape to say your vows, with a great wedding comes great responsibility! 

The solution to staying sane? Keep this easy guide on hand to help you plan your dream destination wedding—sans the stress. 

  1. Decide what you and your soon-to-be spouse want for your wedding—not what others say you should want. 

It’s called your special day for a reason—it’s yours and no one else’s! So many newly engaged couples base their wedding plans on other people’s thoughts and opinions. That’s a one-way ticket to ending up feeling drained, unhappy and, ultimately, not enthusiastic about what’s supposed to be a once-in-a-lifetime event. 

Are you picturing walking toward your groom with snow-topped hills in the backdrop? Greeting your bride nearby towering palm trees? Saying “I do” amid a historical landmark? However you envision starting a life together with your partner, make a firm decision that feels right for both of you.

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  1. Choose your destination wedding planner 

Don’t bear the burden of all the planning yourself; let a professional tackle the tiresome tasks. While we’re biased… Notiq Agency combines destination event planning expertise with extensive knowledge of travel to provide our clients a smooth, easy destination wedding planning process. From guest coordination and management to day-to-day itinerary planning to group airfare coordination, we make it as simple as possible on our couples—not to mention there’s the perk of having only one point of contact.

  1. Select your destination travel advisor to work in tandem with your planner. 

Should you forgo having your wedding planner double as your travel advisor, remember to choose an expert travel advisor to work in tandem with your wedding planner to prepare and execute all travel plans for you and your guests. In these cases, Notiq Agency can assist with destination and lodging recommendations, travel quotes and pricing information, arranging and booking travel, and so much more.

While it’s certainly doable to have a separate wedding planner and travel advisor, consolidating the number of vendors you’re working with will always make wedding planning an easier, more streamlined and stress-free process, which is why we suggest considering the two-for-one planner. You can thank us later! 

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  1. Focus on the details. 

Now that you’ve set plans in place on where you’re getting married and who will be doing most of the heavy lifting to bring your visions to life, it’s time for you and your fiancé to dive into the more nitty gritty details your planner will need to know, from outlining a guest list to establishing a budget and more. 

Ready to plan your destination wedding with Notiq Agency? Find out how to get started here.