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4 Key Ingredients of Every Enviable Itinerary

Whether you’re planning a personal getaway or a group trip, these items aren’t to be left off your to-do list.

If Notiq Agency were to cook up the perfect itinerary for any trip, we’d call the dish “Flexibility With a Touch of Plans,” because much like most dishes at any gathering, the chef likely had to get creative when things didn’t quite go their way in the kitchen… but it still turned out amazing! 

So it goes with any envy-worthy itinerary that makes your Instagram followers wish they’d packed their bags and joined you: While you can always plan activities in advance to fill your schedule, it’s oftentimes the impromptu excursions that make it into your post-trip stories at the dinner table.  

Here, we’re offering up what Notiq Agency deems the 4 key ingredients to every enviable itinerary—all of which travelers that embark on a Wanderlust by Notiq trip will get to experience first-hand:

  1. Plan for a scheduled airport pick-up to take you to your resort.
    You don’t want your first impression of a new destination to be a stressful, hurried experience at the airport after you land. You also don’t want to wind up paying an excessive amount for a ride to your resort or hotel! The best way to prevent any of this from happening—and to start your trip out on the right foot—is to plan for a transportation service to pick you up from the airport and drop you off directly at your new home for the next few days. 
  1. Get to know the locals.
    Before you depart on your trip, think of whether you know any locals in the area that can give you some ideas of restaurants to try or sights to see—ones that you won’t find on any ‘ole tourist map. If you’re coming up short on locals in the area, ask around your group of friends and family to see if their network includes any. And if neither of those options work out, get to know the locals after you arrive! Politely strike up conversations with the experts of their own town to find out what spots are must-visits in the area. 
  1. Book unique, private, one-of-a-kind tours and excursions.
    Not only are private activities with only your group of travel buddies more safe than kicking it with strangers in an unfamiliar city, but these types of experiences allow a chance for your group to truly bond and connect during the trip. Building relationships is a real hidden gem of having travel experiences with your friends and family—don’t miss out on the opportunity!
  2. Make time for a free day—or two, or three!
    Depending on the length of your stay, carve out time in your itinerary for a “free day”—that’s free of planned excursions or tours and free of any super-thought-out activities really. Let the locals or your gut be your guide! A good rule of thumb Notiq Agency likes to follow is factor in 1 free day for every 3 days of vacation. So, if you’re on a 10-day trip, plan for around 3 or 4 free days. This will not only help ensure that your itinerary isn’t jam-packed and that you have time to unwind, but you’ll also likely leave the trip with an experience you never expected to have—and can’t wait to tell everyone about when you return home!